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Steel prices continue to rise prices increased the confidence of coke prices

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Recent domestic steel market prices continued to rise prices increased confidence in the market price of coke, coking coal costs and infrastructure investment in the demand for the release of the promotion, steel mills, traders, end users tend to call the same heart, the downstream demand-driven prices continued to focus rise. Increase in demand for iron and steel prices are rising and other aspects of stimulation, the coke is still in bullish trend in the latter part of the main; addition to demand factors, the pace of corporate mergers and acquisitions this year to speed up coking will also affect the supply of objective, coke prices are expected to maintain upward trend.
After the Spring Festival, temporarily in the off-season demand for thermal coal prices mainly steady. Early Festival high inventory sufficient to meet the energy needs of the factory started, inventory remains high. Into 2 months, the transit inventory increased significantly, as of last week, the Bohai Sea the three ports totaled 12.912 million tons of coal inventories; coke, the Spring Festival, a good turn boost demand, the major domestic steel mills generally raised the purchase price of coke 50-80 yuan / ton; as the market prices of domestic coke production enterprises increased capacity utilization, pre-limited production situation of a large area has been reduced.

Festival factories gradually resume production, industrial use of electricity will maintain growth, but the people in the plain of electricity, power consumption should be at the median date. Basic balance of supply and demand, coal prices in some areas the situation has started to take the pressure of the goods, although short-term prices will continue to maintain strong, but the latter as the temperature warmed up, the demand slowdown, port and power plant coal storage will remain high. Recently, the continuous tightening state also reflects the introduction of the Government's determination to curb inflation, higher coal prices upward pressure on policies, comprehensive analysis of coal is expected to remain steady in March, slightly higher probability of callback.