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Summary Interpretation of the stainless steel industry in 2010 related to the core data

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1, import and export

In 2010, the appearance of stainless steel environment earthshaking changes have taken place, the first time, the total export of steel from the "net import" to "net exports" for China to achieve annual exports of 387,700 tons of stainless steel net, and in 2009 China's net imports of stainless steel to 620,000 tons. Change occurs mainly because of this situation, China has become the world's largest stainless steel producing first-class country, according to the global stainless steel production of around 32 million tons of steel volume, the ratio of contributions to China's steel prices have already reached 42%, and With steel prices in the steel-making equipment, production techniques and other aspects of the level of innovation, quality stainless steel products also improved, a large number of stainless steel products to meet growing domestic demand and foreign, have the ability to go abroad for export, but also excess capacity The pressure prompted.

Although rumors of the Government in 2010 has been lowered export tax rebate rate will be brewing in order to limit the result of "two high a capital" export-led development of a large number of contradictions, but the second half of the domestic economy showed inflation pressures, the economy appears instability highlights, iron and steel enterprises is a pillar industry of national economy, government regulation of the export market for the transfer to the elimination of backward production capacity, promote industrial upgrading, the tone, this makes the policy aspect of the first positive in the export of stainless steel.

Current domestic production of stainless steel more abundant species, the production of ordinary steel output has reached a volume level, but highly sophisticated stainless steel products still need imports to meet, and highly sophisticated stainless steel products is the advantage of foreign steel prices , the two complement each other also makes a lot of stainless steel products in China smoothly out of the country.

However, the situation for the emergence of net exports does not mean that the Chinese steel products in the world to enhance the right to speak, because of major cost of raw materials, stainless steel, nickel and other mineral products in particular are still controlled by the Western countries, the participation of the Chinese steel enterprises intensity is still unable to control its price volatility.

2, crude steel capacity

According to statistics, China's full-year 2010 crude steel production was 13,471,800 tons of stainless steel, an increase of 2,091,800 tons in 2009, an increase of 18.38%. Among them, 200 Department of crude steel a ratio of 33.83%, 42.29% for the 300 series, 400 series was 23.68%.

Comparison of view, the 2010 new projects in new steel production or increase the amount of 2,091,800 tons for the increased contribution of higher crude steel, including the Eastern Special Steel, Jiuquan Phase II, Phase II Lianzhong, Tang stainless steel, etc. For this part of the contribution of value can be accounted for about 50%.

Stainless steel narrow private enterprises in 2010 increased to 2,091,800 tons of crude steel by 20% of the contributions of the share. Tube profiles of crude steel in 2010 the amount of business has increased, the growth of the entire supply of crude steel by about 14%.

It should be noted that other steel companies, especially the domestic industry, the enterprise distribution center chain in 2010 appeared in the amount of crude steel decreased by 35 million tons. In addition to the 2010 51bxg added more enterprises leading collecting samples of crude steel, among others, some types of enterprises subject to change statistics, the industrial policy, regulation and control by the impact of fluctuations in the value of raw material prices, partly due to poorly equipped steel prices, weak competitiveness and other factors to be eliminated, and this is the government the objective of the 2010 regulation.

Compared to 2009, 200,300 lines have decreased the proportion of crude steel, compared with 400 series stainless steel crude steel capacity growth of about 4%. Affected by fluctuations in raw material prices, steel prices over the past year has been advocating to enhance the ratio of 400 lines to ease the volatility in raw material prices due to Ni risks, at the same time, emerging enterprises, including veteran 400 series stainless steel stainless steel refining their own share of has been very high percentage of steel products are to focus on 410 (S), 430 and other products.

3, the apparent consumption

Crude steel in 2010 benefited from the overall amount of growth, particularly beyond the amount of 2,091,800 tons of crude steel in 2009 the growth of part of the combined annual net export of 387,700 tons of stainless steel in the form, the overall apparent consumption is bound to continue to grow year on year .

In addition, the domestic economy in 2010 continued to grow strongly, despite volatile external environment, but the national economy still maintained rapid development, the annual economic growth rate reached 10.3%, infrastructure, livelihood projects and other areas of growth in demand for stainless steel is also has been increasing.

4, the social stock

Circulation 2010 China Stainless Steel Stock society as a whole remained relatively high, the domestic stainless steel companies from further growth due to commodity production, the average stock in Wuxi stainless steel to 217,400 tons, up 149,000 tons in 2009, the average inventory increased 31.46% .

In addition to its production of steel grew into the flow of the market led to more abundant resources, the new stainless steel companies still rely on traditional use of liquid markets to trade sales model, companies do not have stable channel for downstream users, still need a large stainless steel collection and distribution center as the primary means of distribution, compared to large enterprises in particular, is a veteran of stainless steel, stainless steel business has been gradually changing to the development of e-business models direct supply customers and sales. Before a large number of products have been moved to the circulation, due to pricing policies, product quality and other aspects vary, there are also customers of cognitive bias, so the relative prices of steel products well-known market to stay in circulation longer period of time possible.

In addition, stainless steel products have been trading process is not simply limited to the concept of buying and selling real investment demand more and more prominent, in addition to the pursuit of greater profits to avoid the risk of speculative hype, but some stainless steel products are also beginning to have the properties of derivatives These products are likely to extend the circulation flow of the cycle.